Orders & Payments
Q: How long will my order take to arrive?
A: For orders that are made within Malaysia, it should take around 3 - 7 working days. For orders that are made outside Malaysia, it would take around 7 - 14 days. Please refer to estimated date of shipment given upon checkout.
A: We're so sorry about that! Please drop an email to info@zuttowellness.com with your attachment and order ID and we'll look into it for you.
A: If you have not received your order confirmation email within 24 hours of making your purchase, please drop us an email at info@zuttowellness.com with your order number and we’ll look into it for you.
A: Oh no! We're so sorry about that! Please drop an email to info@zuttowellness.com with the subject line "Help! I’ve been charged wrongly for my order!" and include any details and receipts you have in your email.
A: Once we’ve settled on all the details, please note that it will take up to 30 days for you to receive your refund. If you have not receive your refund in 30 days, please email us at info@zuttowellness.com and we'll look into it.
A: If you would like to combine two separate orders, please email us at info@zuttowellness.com with your separate order numbers within 24 hours of placing your orders and we'll see what we can do.
A: All orders made outside of Malaysia are in USD only, and orders that come from within Malaysia will be in MYR only.
A: Please check your order status with the tracking number you were provided with. If you are unable to track your order, please email us at info@zuttowellness.com with all your order details.
A: Be quick and drop us an email at info@zuttowellness.com within 1 hour of making your purchase. You will not be able to cancel outside this time frame.
A: Be quick and drop us an email at info@zuttowellness.com within 1 hour of making your purchase. You will not be able to cancel outside this time frame.
A: At the moment, we only accept payments from Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards via PayPals. Don’t worry, more payment options are coming real soon!
A: Just log in and go to “My Account”. You’ll able to check on all orders made through our website via that page
Q: I am placing an international order. Does the shipping cost include the customs, duties and/or taxes?
A: Customs, duties and taxes are not included in the item price or shipping cost. We ship all international orders delivery duties unpaid (ddu), which means any fees are charged once the parcel reaches its destination and must be paid by the recipient. Unfortunately these fees are beyond our control, and we are unable to cover them for our customers.
A: At this point in time, we do not yet offer next day delivery.
A: Unfortunately, this option is not available at the moment.
A: We do not cover the cost of return shipping. If in the case a return is necessary, all customers are responsible for their own return shipping fee.
A: Oh no! You can make changes to your shipping address up to an hour after purchasing. Just drop an email to info@zuttowellness.com with your order details and new shipping address.
A: You’ll receive a tracking number in a separate email from your confirmation email. If you have not received your tracking number within 7 working days of making your purchase, please drop an email with your order number to info@zuttowellness.com
A: Please note that exchanges are only eligible if you have received damaged products/ expired products/ wrong orders. Exchanges and refunds will not be given for orders in wrong quantity, products, so make sure you review your order before making payment. Only if the item you received is defective/ damaged/ expired, you may send your exchange request to info@zuttowellness.com within 7 days of receiving. The condition of the product will be reviewed by Zutto upon receiving it and the exchange will proceed once the product has been approved. Exchanges are based on availability of stock, so unfortunately, if the product has been sold out, we will proceed with a refund. You will need to send us the Return Authorisation (with digital invoice) slip within 7 days of receiving your purchase to start the return process. If we do not receive it within the given time frame, we will not proceed with the request. Please ensure that the product is new, unused, with no additional damage, and in the original box or packaging with no evidence of service. Include evidence of your receipt and order ID. Please note that Zutto DOES NOT cover the cost of any return shipping. If the returned product is found to be defective, Zutto will send it back to the customer.
A: We currently ship to all South East Asia Countries only. Don’t worry, we will be shipping to more countries soon!
About Zutto
Q: What is Kaizen and Ikigai?
A: Kaizen is a mix-berries consumable gel that has 4-in-1 action - detoxification, cleansing, enhanced digestive function, good for skin. Ikigai is a multigrain beverage that helps lowering cholesterol, weight management through the feeling of fullness, maintaining blood sugar balance, improving digestive and immune systems.
A: For Kaizen, take 1 sachet before sleep or after meals. Take 2 sachets for optimum results. Consume at least 2 litres of water daily for better results. For Ikigai, mix 1 sachet with 150ml of hot or warm water, stir well and drink. 1 or 2 sachet per day.
A: For Kaizen, after meals or before sleep. For Ikigai, it can be used as meal replacement, so anytime of the day.
A: We recommend first-time Zutto users to consume both Kaizen and Ikigai together for optimum results.
A: Yes, but 2 sachets is what we would recommend for maximum consumption.
A: Yes, but it can only be consumed 2 hours later, same goes to any other health supplement.
A: Kaizen has a sweet, berry taste. Ikigai has a nutty, earthy taste.
A: We are not able to provide an accurate time because everyone has a different body constitution. Zutto products are meant to improve & enhance our quality of health by providing nutritious ingredients to our body. Maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle is highly recommended when consuming Zutto products.
A: Kaizen & Ikigai contains 100% plant based ingredients. We are currently working on the Halal certification for all our products!
A: We are working on meal plans that our Zutto customer can follow in order to get the most out of Zutto products, and no, consumers are not restricted to any meal plans.
A: Yes, it can be consumed during period/ menstruation period.
A: Yes, they are suitable for females and males.
A: For Ikigai, it is for everyone in any condition. For Kaizen, pregnant women are strictly not allowed to consume. For people who have allergies of any kind, kindly please consult a doctor with our products before consuming. If you are unsure of the safeness of our ingredient before consuming, kindly please consult a doctor/ nutritionist for your ease of mind.